Quality Labor and a Quality AC Brand

The Keys to A Successful Replacement

The two main ingredients in a reliable air conditioning system installation are the quality of the labor and the equipment brand supplied on the job. Being a smaller company and working in the local area, Venice Cooling & Heating is able to control our labor much better than a larger company, or a company working from out of the area. Unlike the big box retailers who subcontract out the work, Venice Cooling uses our own full time installation team.


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Trane & Lennox: AC Installation & Replacement

We install Trane and Lennox ac brand heating and cooling systems. Trane HVAC is recognized for being at the top when it comes to quality, reliability, and durability. We never purchase obsolete equipment or factory seconds that are offered at a discount due to a defect. We believe that if we choose quality components and do our best in assuring the installation is done properly, then the reliability of our systems replacements are improved drastically.

Lennox has long had the reputation of a quality brand many people who lived up north know of Lennox quality furnaces. Lennox now has one of the most durable coils on the market, The Quantum Coil.  Venice Cooling is glad Lennox has stepped up to provide a more reliable product.


Why Choose the Trane or Lennox?

Lennox New Quantum Coils for the Inside and Outside Units!

Venice Cooling is also proud to install and service Lennox brand equipment.

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Summer is for relaxing, not battling the heat. A Trane or Lennox air conditioning system gives you comfort and efficiency, guaranteeing a cooler home all summer long. You can rest comfortably day or night and concentrate on other fun summer activities.

For Value, Durability, & Quality we offer Allied Central HVAC systems.  Allied is owned by Lennox and for the money it cant be beat!  Finance today and have a new quality system installed in  about 3 days.  See more about Omniguard coils by  Allied.

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A Ductless systems gives you options on your Cooling & Heating needs. - click picture to see more -

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These ductless units are great for cooling a garage or separate space independently to you main system, some customers add one to their bedroom and adjusting the main system up during the night to save energy.

Ask Venice Cooling for a combination discount if you install a ductless with a new central system!

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