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Dryer Vent Cleaning News

Venice Coolig in now cleaning dryer vents

Venice Cooling & Heating Is now providing Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Benefits!  Save money from shorter drying times Extend dryer life due to efficient drying Protects clothes from extended drying times If you’re clothes are taking longer than 40 minutes to dry, then the vent may need to be cleaned. Play it Safe! According to […]

Air Handler Cleaning

coil cleaning filters

During summer we rely on our central air conditioning system to operate flawlessly and provide us with cool, dry air to keep our homes comfortable.  To operate reliably it is important to change your air filter on a regular basis, and depending on where your filters are located this time varies from bimonthly to about […]

Humidistat Settings

Humidistat Setting in Venice Fl

Setting of the humidistat & thermostat can be confusing especially since they are mostly set only twice a year. Come spring  When you  leave Venice for the summer,  Set the Humidstat to 57 , and Thermostat to Cool – 77º and Fan to Auto. When you arrive to Venice you will Set the Humidistat to […]

Humidity during cooler months.

humidity during cooler months

Controlling Humidity in Your Home During Cooler Months November is the month we welcome most all of the Northerners back to Venice to enjoy our nice climate during the Christmas and Holiday season. With these cooler temperatures we would like to cover how humidity is affected inside the home. With Florida being a semi-tropical region, […]

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