You should change your air filter(s) monthly, unless you have an electronic air cleaner for better air quality and less required maintenance.

We recommend pouring one cup of white vinegar down the drain line every time you change your air filter (monthly) while the system is turned off, any further drain maintenance should be done by a qualified technician.

Maintenance should be done semi-annually- every six months, to keep your system running at peak performance and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Generally, air conditioners in Florida will last a range of 8-12 years before needing replacement. This is due to the extreme temperatures, constant run time, and high demand we put on them to stay comfortable year-round.

Air conditioning replacement costs can vary extensively. This is due to efficiency (SEER), brand, tonnage (size), location, duct work modifications, code upgrades and requirements, and heating source (heat pump, electric, or gas.) We recommend having one of our certified comfort advisors to your home, to evaluate all of the variables and come up with the best option possible for you and your home.

This can indicate a clog in the drainage piping, likely caused by a buildup or blockage. We recommend having one of our licensed plumbers come out to evaluate it, and clear the clog.

If your water isn't as hot as it used to be, or isn't warm at all, it can be a sign of a failing water heater. Common problems include failed elements, broken anode rods, lost power/gas, and corrosion/rust buildup. Our plumbers are trained to pinpoint these issues and present you with custom options to fit your needs.

This is caused by a process called copper oxidation. It is the equivalent to a piece of metal rusting out, and should be addressed as a failed component. Once oxidation starts corroding valves or piping, it can cause water leaks, which could cause severe damage. If you see severe oxidation or corrosion, have one of our licensed plumbers address these issues as soon as possible.

If there is water on the floor near your water heater, shut off the water to the tank and shut the power off to it immediately. This is an indication of a major failure of the heater, and needs to be addressed by a professional. When there is water leaking, it is likely a leaking tank, or an open safety relief valve, and needs to be immediately repaired.

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